Hi there! Welcome to Derbyshire Delights!

My name's Katie - I'm from Derbyshire, as you might have guessed. Belper, to be specific.

I want to use this blog to write about the lovely places in my beautiful home county, really. It's honestly as simple as that.

The blog used to be called The Weekend Edition from 2016 until 2019, and a couple of my friends (Lou & Amy) wrote the odd post for the blog back then. We used to write about all sorts, with a focus on the East Midlands on a whole, which was pretty difficult to keep doing. The subject matter was really too broad to keep up with, and our focus constantly waned, to the detriment of the blog as a whole.

So, when we realised it wasn't working, I took the blog offline for a little while. And I had a little think about where to take things next...

Which is where the idea for Derbyshire Delights came from!

And, long-time readers, don't fret - if you want to read the old posts we had on The Weekend Edition, you can find almost all of them in the TWE Archive.




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