Coffee at Coffika, Meadowhall

Meadowhall Way, Sheffield S9 1EP, UK
Who'd have thought that Meadowhall would have an independent coffee shop? Meet Coffika... Which is just that: An independent coffee shop nestled in a bustling shopping centre.

Coffika, Coffee, Meadowhall, Sheffield,
Coffika, Coffee, Meadowhall, Sheffield,
Coffika, Coffee, Meadowhall, Sheffield,

Coffee at Coffika, Meadowhall

I ventured up to Coffika back in October last year, during my last visit to Meadowhall. So, forgive me if I can't remember everything in much detail.

I did feel like sharing this lovely little place with you though, because a.) I remember the coffee being lovely and b.) isn't it great (but rare) to see an independent coffee shop thriving in a shopping centre?

Their name is a blend (get it?) of the two words 'coffee' and 'fika' - what's 'fika' I hear you ask? Well, this is what Coffika say on their website:
"Fika is a traditional Swedish custom that is centred around taking a well-earned moment to unwind with friends & family, usually accompanied by sweet baked goods."
Sounds blissful, doesn't it?

Granted, the atmosphere in a bustling shopping centre isn't quite what I'd call 'blissful', but Coffika is a lovely haven from the busiest avenues of Meadowhall.

One thing I do remember, alongside the lovely coffee (cappuccino, of course) served in really pretty cups, is that Coffika had a gorgeous-looking array of cakes nestled on the counter. I refrained that time, though. Perhaps it's another excuse to brave Meadowhall, though? (Just maybe not while the kids are off, eh?)

What's your favourite coffee shop in Sheffield?

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