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Coffee at 200 Degrees, Nottingham

16 Flying Horse Walk, Nottingham NG1 2HN, UK
Recently, I popped into 200 Degrees on Flying Horse Walk in Nottingham to see if it lived up to the hype.

When I was a student in the city, I really wanted to try this well-loved cafe, but never actually made it. Seeing as I was back on a spontaneous trip to Notts, I thought I'd finally pop in, and see if this artisan coffee shop is really as good as everyone says.

Nottingham, Flying Horse Walk, 200 Degrees, Coffee Shops,

When I walked in, I was surprised at just how busy at was at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon. I was expecting it to be quite quiet, but it was absolutely packed; to the point where I worried I might not get a table. It's huge inside, with impressive decor. The seating area spans right to the back, and there's even a barista school upstairs!

I love the fact that they've got an array of table sizes, for people on their own, couples or bigger groups.

There was also an array of delicious-looking food on display at the counter, but sadly I didn't have time to sample the delights on offer.

A cappuccino cost me £2.90, and their drinks come in one standard size. (So there's no option for a small, medium or large like you find in coffee shop chains.)

I was told to take a seat, and they'd bring my drink over to me.

After ordering my drink, I found a small table near the door. And I waited, and waited, and waited for it to arrive.

Ten minutes, to be precise.

Nottingham, Flying Horse Walk, 200 Degrees, Coffee Shops,

"It’s just the service that left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth, rather than the coffee."

To their credit, they did apologise for the delay, but it felt a little insincere and forced. I didn't complain, as I hate kicking up a fuss, but it was frustrating. I understand that they were quite busy, but it got to the point where I genuinely thought they'd forgotten about me. The wait also meant that I had to down my cappuccino and dash across the city centre, as I'd have missed my train home otherwise.

As for the coffee itself, it was really lovely. I did definitely enjoy it, and I particularly liked the cup and saucer they're served in. Also, I've got total admiration for the pretty cappuccino art.

£2.90 is at the pricier end for a cappuccino, so I had high expectations. And, it definitely did live up to my expectations. Not too bitter, and not to milky either. Just right.

I might well have just caught them on a really busy afternoon, and my experience could have been a total anomaly, so I'd never say never to going back. After all, the cappuccino I had was fantastic. It's just the service that left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth, rather than the coffee.

Have you tried 200 Degrees?

200 Degrees, Nottingham
Flying Horse Walk,


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