Happy New Year From The Weekend Edition

This is just a little post to say Happy New Year! We won't be posting anything else this weekend, but we'll be back with lots of posts on January's self-improvement theme next weekend.

Even though we probably won't be nursing massive hangovers, because we're pretty sensible, y'know? We're going to take the weekend off from publishing any posts, to give ourselves a little break, so we can come back all refreshed and full of shiny new ideas for January. We've also got a new little idea in the pipeline, which we're very excited about - All will be revealed soon!

We've had a great couple of months sharing all of our recipes with you, our life tips, and even some speed dating disasters. Another little highlight was our trip up to the lovely Scarthin Books.

Thank you for supporting us, and reading our posts for the past couple of months - It keeps us going to see your kind comments! Here's to 2017 being full of exciting new content!

Happy new year!

Katie, Lou & Amy.

P.S. As we're entering a new year, we'd be delighted to welcome some new writers on board. If you think you'd like to join us, click here!

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