Welcome to The Weekend Edition: An Introduction

Sunday, 6 November 2016


About, Introduction,

Hello! Welcome! Let's have a bit of an introduction, shall we? We're The Weekend Edition, and we thought it's about time you knew a little bit more about us.

We started in Autumn 2016, with the intention of initially writing posts under four different categories: Make, Bake, Visit, and Explore. So, join us as we take you through our favourite recipes, life experiences, and even share our favourite cafes and restaurants across our region with you!

We're based in the East Midlands in the UK, with two of us in Derbyshire, and one in Leicestershire. We've also got loads in common. We're all young women in our twenties, who've grown up being tech-savvy. We all enjoy writing. We all enjoy learning and trying new things. And what better way to utilise those skills than to share our experiences on the Internet?

So, who exactly are we?


Hi! I'm Katie, and I started The Weekend Edition before recruiting some of my lovely friends to join me in this endeavour. I'm just about to graduate in Broadcast Journalism, and already have a fairly well-established blog called Katie Writes, where I write about beauty and lifestyle. (You can find that here, by the way!)

I wanted a new home for some of the content that I felt didn't fit with my existing blog, and I'm pretty excited about my friends bringing something new to the table too.

My posts on The Weekend Edition are generally a mix of everything - from the odd recipe, to a bit of lifestyle, and also the odd 'visit' post too.


Lou's our resident philosophical-soul. Her posts mainly focus on lifestyle and exploring aspects of life such as dating, adult learning, and everything in-between! Don't let it be said that you won't learn something from her posts!

Despite all this, she's a bit of an enigma, hence the avatar; so you generally won't find much else out about Lou.
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The Weekend Edition's resident foodie, Amy's as passionate about cooking as she is about reading and gaming. She's currently at university, where she's studying Education. Her posts are generally yummy recipes that are both easy to make and taste great too.

We'll also be joined by some new faces very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for introductions from them too!

You can find us on Twitter (here), Instagram (here), and Facebook (here). Also, fancy writing for us? Find out how to here!


  1. Good luck with the weekend edition! Sounds like a great project!
    x caroline

  2. Thank you so much! :) x