Make: Your Very Own Christmas Cards

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! So, join Lou on the joys of Christmas card making and giving something 'extra'...

"Bah humbug; now that's too strong! 'Cause it is my favourite holiday..." Oh yes, it's that time of year again, when you are just waiting for the Coca-Cola Truck to appear on the old box to announce it's officially CHRISTMAS! But, until that moment, it's time to pop in "Now, what I call Christmas" CD in the player and begin to MAKE Christmas cards!

Now, I'm not an expert on making cards. I don't do fancy stuff like die-cut making though I wish I had the patience to do it and the hope that it may work out. I'm a relatively simple kind of girl - glue, sequins and paper. I tend to collect decoupages, paper, card and fiddly stuff throughout the year as I like to have plenty of options to be creative as possible. The prices can range from a few pence to a couple of pounds, depending on where you go and shop: The Works, The Range, Gadsby's and sometimes, Wilkos have what I'm after. I tend to spend more on the quality of the greeting card, as the cheaper it is, the more they flop (ooo-er!)

The main reason I make cards is to relax. For me, it's a time for getting lost in creativity and it's my version of mindfulness. I make cards as I think it adds something special, and I do tend to make them with a specific person in mind (I like to add an extra special something by getting some of my hair in the glue - so they know it's from me!) The one I'm showing you is for my Godmother, who loves dogs.

How to Make Christmas Cards:

1. Now, who can resist a dog in a woolly hat! Now, this is a decoupage sheet - I love popping the pictures out and constructing these. They can cost from £1.25 upwards, depending on the design. Carefully tear them out their sheet and follow the instructions (parts will be named A1, A2, A3) and stick them together by using craft foam sticky sheets. This will make your 'image' look 2D and gives your card some height.

2. For the background, I decided to go with a polkadot, red-coloured sheet. I want this card to scream Christmas! To give the card a neat edge, I made the border with gold tape and stuck some gems into the corners. As you can see, I stuck my decoupage in the centre, on the net-style background as I wanted to give my card some perspective and balance.

3. I added some snowflakes on the corners - again, screaming Christmas. Finally, I add some words.

4. Wording can be the most difficult part to get right as you don't want to run out of space! "Godmother" is not the world's shortest word! So, you may need to "lift" these letters and move them along - do this gently with a craft knife.

5. Lastly, a "Happy Christmas" tag is applied as a festive finishing touch!

And that's it. Simple as that. So, get that mulled wine out, pop on the 'Elf' dvd, put on that "Now..." CD and let's get messy!

Do you enjoy Christmas Card Making? Want to share some of your creations? Tweet your photos to us!

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