Put the camera away and let's get lost....

Lou explains this weekend why getting away from it all, and leaving technology well alone, is sometimes the best medicine; here she talks about her recent trip to Somerset.

During the summer (yes, I know...what summer?), I visited and stayed in Somerset. This was part of my summer job which involved going to an outdoor pursuit centre. You read it right - an outdoor pursuit centre. Now, I'm a city girl, my version of 'outdoor pursuits' consists of: petrol fumes, crowds and decrepit 1960s buildings, not fresh air, nature and rock-climbing.

I'm not going to write about how many bruises I got (unfortunately, I wasn't the winner of Sexy Legs of 2016) or about how bl**dy terrified I was of caving - but ended up loving it - or even how I was spoilt with delicious, home-cooked meals (the diet starts next year....) What I am going to write about what I saw.

Now, have you ever been to a place where the view is so spectacular that you just feel absolute peace? Have you ever been to a place where you want to take the view home to show everyone the beauty of it all? I wish I could have taken a photograph of the view but I fear even the latest camera technology could not capture that feeling of absolute awe.

"Sometimes, these views can only be captured by our own eyes."

I mentioned that I'm not going to write about what I did there but I do feel that I need to explain how I got to this view in the first place. I was on the way back from an expedition - I do love a bit of walking, it's good for the soul - it was lunch time which was quite a relief as my feet were beginning to ache. After making our way through the forest, we reached a grassy area, just as the sun began to rise through the rain and drizzle.

Luckily enough, this grass was on a steep hill, as I sat and rested - there was this view. The view of Bristol, Clifton Suspension Bridge and Wales...to me that was a view. You could see the view of life - people in cars driving along to their jobs, to their families, you could see houses and factories, where people are working, loving, being; you could see life...the world was turning.

Unless you are lucky to live in a 'beauty spot', views like this only exist on travel programmes, or Escape to the Country or even on Poldark.

I don't know exactly where I was when I saw this view. All I know I was in Somerset, that's all. Sometimes, these views can only be captured by our own eyes. They can only be special when we don't know where we are.

By Lou

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